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Welcome to Proweld Technology Pte Ltd

Proweld Technology Pte Ltd is focused in the areas of Ultra High purity piping (UHP) Mechanical works for wafer fabrication and semiconductor industry in Singapore. 

Our capabilities in project management, engineering and construction.

Our investment in orbital welding machines from AMI and Swagelok to perform wider range and sizes of Ultra High purity piping (UHP) orbital welding.

Proweld is a registered contractor with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Our Specialization

We specialize in Ultra High purity (UHP) Mechanical works for wafer fabrication, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. 

Ultra High purity piping

Ultra High purity piping (UHP) Mechanical for liquid and gas systems for industries that rely on cleanliness in their process application from the UHP cleanroom to outdoor or weather-exposed environment.

Gas and Chemical System

Fabrication of Gas Cabinet, Gas panel and Valve Manifold Box, VMB. Fabrication of Solvent and Chemical Dispense System, CDM and Chemical Valve Box, CVB.

Orbital Welding Services

Automatic welding whereby the arc is rotated mechanically around tube or pipe workpiece in a continuous process for stainless steel SS316L, SS304L and thermoplastic PE and PVDF material.

Engineering Solution Services

Project Planning, Project Management, Engineering and construction, install and commission complete turnkey projects.

Process & Utilities Piping

Cleanroom Mechanical Process and Utilities Piping Installation eg. Chemical, gas, PCW, Exhaust, Hivac, PV, drain and UPW.

Customised product

Fabrication of special product and machine components parts to meet the unique business needs.